Gravely's Neopets


that's it that's the premise of this page, entirely dedicated to my neopets and future goals.

I've been playing Neopets on and off for about 11 years and am confident in calling myself a Neo veteran. My main area of interest is in customization and causing havoc on the Newbies chatboard with other grown adults because, let's be real, there's not a single person under 18 that plays this game anymore. We're all here for the nostalgia and conveniently fun time killer this site provides itself as. I've also recently started looking into the battledome because the idea of something like neopets throwing hands with each other interests me immensely.

Feel free to add me, my username is chainsskull. I wish I could change it. I also have a side account that mainly stores my extra pets.


Halloween Bori Morphing Potion, Baby Paint Brush, Darigan Paint Brush, Grey Paint Brush, Break From Winter Background, Royal Paint Brush, A Rolling Fog

riderwaite is by far my most complete pet. Based on the Rider-Waite tarot series, every wearable matches the theme. He's a Transparent Cybunny, color courtesy of a Fountain Faerie Quest. I don't know why I settled on transparent, but it looks cool as hell. I'm trying to max out his Intelligence as high as I can and he's currently my highest stat pet.

crystaldays is my (current) favorite child. Based on the song 'Crystal Days' by Echo & the Bunnymen, he's got a Halloween look for the time being. I'm trying to match him with the cover for 'Ocean Rain' and the one item I need the most is the Break From Winter Background, which is a Neocash item that I'm 25 NC short of.

hesitationmarks was my favorite child. Based on the album 'Hesitation Marks' by Nine Inch Nails because of course. He's a Camouflage Krawk, in which some time ago someone from the Newbies board very generously gifted me a Camouflage Krawk Morphing Potion. I really wish I remembered that persons name.

front242 has been a giant question mark on where I want to go with him for years. He's gone back and forth with my side (which has the Ridicuously Expensive Lab Ray on it) trying to zap him into... anything different, but after going through the Bori colors, I think I want to settle with painting him Halloween, or in this case, morph him. It would be 1,450,000 NP cheaper to morph him into a species he already is but also have him turn Halloween, than to paint him that. I'm not joking.


rottentothecore is an adopted rescue from the pound. I believe they were originally an Eyrie, but I morphed them into a Pirate Hissi and I was planning on painting them Zombie since it's fitting to their name, but I'm leaning more towards Pastel because it's always been one of my favorite Hissi colors. I'm also contemplating sending them to the zapper because they're technically a male but I want them to be female. idk why.


pancylau is a pet I have mixed feelings on for reasons unknown. I think I just don't care much for her name, which is based on a Chinese singer I barely even listen to lol. I plan on swapping her out with one of the pets on my side account.

hauntedsummer will most likely soon be my new favorite child. Based on the album 'Haunted Summer' by The Devil and the Universe, I have very big plans on painting them Darigan.


strangerlove is another pound rescue. She's currently going through the Lab Ray at the moment, probably until I achieve my other goals. Once I do finally get around to her, I think I'd go with morphing her into a Kyrii and then painting her Royal. It's one of the only Kyrii colors that I actually like.


moonzodiac was made in counter to a pet I wanted to adopt named 'starzodiac' but they aren't a Gelert and I refuse to spend that amount of money for a Gelert Morphing Potion because jesus christ. As of 11/04/20, his PB goal has been achieved!

silversecrets is a pound rescue that I still can't believe I managed to get before anyone else. I particularly don't care much for the 8-bit series since they border on being Good to Did-You-Even-Try, but the Hissi is definitely one of the better looking ones. I kind of don't really want another Hissi since I like having variety, but I also really like the name and color combo. The only bummer is that she doesn't get to keep the snazzy turtleneck she originally came with.

goretuary is an Acara, one of my favorite species, yet not many of its colors stick out to me. I'll most likely paint her Grey, because despite the fact that TNT did an absolute disservice to every single person with UC's, Grey Acara is the only one that still looks decent post-UC era.